About Ana

Ana received a First-class Honours degree in “Choreography, Methodology and Pedagogy of Dance” from the Saint Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences, Russia. She specialised in Ballet and Character Dance. During this 5 years intensive programme, Ana studied with renowned teachers such as Anatoly Sapogov, Galina Antonenko, Valery Zvezdochkin and artistic director Iuri Gromov.

Ana performed with the White Nights Ballet Theatre, folk dance ensemble Banzé, DiTarso Dance company, Youth Performing Arts Company Lorenzo Fernandez among others, together with freelance projects.

Ana Silvério acts internationally as a teacher, choreographer, dancer and member of the judging committee for several art and dance festival. Most recently, she served as a member of the judging committee for SPIFF – Saint Petersburg International Film Festival, in the category of screen dance (editions 2020 and 21) and for the International Dance Festival of Molodechno Region, Belarus. 2021.

At the core of her movement vocabulary is ballet, Brazilian folk dances, physical theatre and contemporary dances. She likes to develop thoughtful and creative dance that explores topics in a multi-perspective way and storytelling in narrative and abstract forms.

Ana Silvério has translated the book “Basic Principles of Classical Dance” by Vaganova from Russian to Portuguese and has published numerous articles on dance history, art reviews and news in specialised webpages and newspapers.

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