Feedback from members of the audience:

“A beautifully raw serenade to motherhood and the expansive magic of the human body” Miss_Trout: ★★★★★

“powerful and perceptive meditation on and downs of pregnancy.”
North West End UK: ★★★★

“excellent” (online sharing, 2021) 

“Wonderful!!! (online sharing, 2021)

“precise choreography and facial expressions trace the huge physical and mental changes this focused artist is undergoing.”

“UNMISSABLE!” ( Brazilian press: Revista Tempo and Gazeta Norte Mineira)

“Curious, it took you on a journey and I was interested to see where it went.” (Erika, theatre maker, Leeds Playhouse 2021)

“I felt contemplated in your interpretation, as if I had already passed through these places, as if I was watching me at home. That part with movement of the abdomen, I felt so much identification! I felt that there is an accessible fluidity in everything.” (Leeds Playhouse, 2021)

“Some movements she made, as if she had read my thoughts. I saw myself a lot there, it was as if I was watching myself. The concerns, including the story she brought. And the domain of the body, without being stiff. I loved it so much!” (Online sharing, 2021)

“The distribution in space is very nice and something I like very much is a certain rupture in the direct relationship between body, movement and music / sound. I have always liked this in the processes of contemporary composition … And what a soundtrack!” (Leeds Playhouse, 2021)

Incredible! Bravo! It was very emotional and interesting! It was exciting and very unusual, it was interesting to watch the whole process, this dance allowed me to feel what is unrealistic to feel just from telling this story in words. Thank you so much! That was incredible! (Ksenia, 15 y.o.,online sharing)

I felt contemplated in your interpretation, as if I had already passed through these places, as if I was watching me at home. That part with movement of the abdomen, I felt so much identification! I felt that there is an accessible fluidity in everything. (Leeds Playhouse, 2021)

“I had the opportunity to get to know the work of Ana Silvério on different occasions (…) in Brazil. Her choreographies and her restaging of ballet repertoire were presented with great consistency, knowledge of the development of the respective works, rich dynamics and creativity. It also called my attention to the musicality of her work.” (Jaqueline Pereira, dance teacher and choreographer)

“The story is clearly perceived. Very frank. Honest work with you and your audience.” Online sharing, 2019.

“I felt the journey / struggle of sense of self / self identity on becoming a parent.” Furnace Festival 2019

I felt “Empowered – what women go through is incredible.” Furnace Festival 2019

“I felt on the protagonist’s side, at every step I’m worried about the trials she goes through.” Furnace Festival 2019

Feedback from dancers, students and collaborators: 

“To work with Ana Silvério is synonymous with artistic resignification. It is a daily reconstruction of body language and learning of immense awareness and clarity. Her choreographic productions, which possess impressive sensitivity, and the daily experience of classes and rehearsals with her, build much more than a dancer, it builds a broad and complete artist.” Cíntia Chaves (dancer and former student)

“Ana builds an intense involvement between the corporeity and life-history of the dancers with the choreographies made for them. The creations are connected to the inner world of those who dance them, meanwhile, bringing the inevitable and strong essence of the choreographer. She explores passion, indecision, faith, humour and joy in her choreographies with lots of creativity and innovation. It was a very enriching and enjoyable experience to work with her. A wonderful opportunity!” Maria Carolina Vieira (dancer) 

“It is inspiring to work with Ana Silvério. She has an unusual way of choreographing, sometimes bringing the folkloric tradition to ballet steps, sometimes making a teased criticism out of contemporary problems… As a teacher and researcher, she encourages us to value our strengths while seeking out for more. It is always an honour to have her here, and we want her to take dance wherever she goes!” Mara Meira David (artistic director, dance teacher)

“Ana Silverio was my ballet teacher and responsible for choreographing a neoclassical solo based on a Brazilian famous dance style: Chorinho. As a student, I felt embraced by her knowledge. She is really good at teaching, you can understand everything she says. Ana is a person that really knows what she is doing and/or saying, and that makes you improve as a dancer”. Bruna Chebile (dancer and former student)

“Ana Silvério is a great dancer, teacher, choreographer and writer. She has extensive knowledge, yet does not retain it for herself, she shares it through her many works. As a past student, I can speak from my own experience, she knows how to work with the specific profile of each student, exploring and valuing their potential in a special and humane way. I remain grateful to her.” Michelle Feitosa (dancer and former student)

Feedback from peers and mentors

“The children loved this experience and came away wanting to talk about the environment and how they can help” Staff member,St Peter’s School 2-8, York

“Ana is an experienced practitioner but has taken all advice and worked tirelessly to refine this workshop. It was a lovely event enjoyed by all” Bev Veasey (mentor), St Peter’s School 2-8, York