Mother Earth – street performance

We are all responsible for climate change. This circuit street performance invites you to reflect on our roles in the climate crisis in a visual and impactful way, and to be aware of the nature surrounding us. Award-winning dance artist Ana Silvério will perambulate on the streets of the city centre and explore its sight-specific characteristics. Come to see, join, and feel free to interact with the artist!

Starting at 17:30 from the Central Methodist Church (YO1 8NQ).

Terpsichoring at the York Environment Week!

We are delighted to invite you to be part of the York Environment Week 23 this upcoming Sempember! We will be delivering two FREE workshops for children with their families:

Saturday 30 September

Mother Earth Climate change Dance workshops – 5 – 11 years old
9.30-10.30 am
Marriott Room, York Explore Library

Climate racism and climate justice – 12+ and adults
10.45 – 12:00
Marriott Room, York Explore Library

Ana Silvério and Aracelly Firmo
Picture by Mary Benson

See below for more information

Upcoming performance

Come join Terpsichoring in our show Me, Myself & Misha at the Migration Matters Festival, in Sheffield. For more details and book your ticket, click here.

Upcoming performances

Please join us next week for the York Theatre Royal commission Green Shoots on the 07 and 08 of June, 2022. Book your tickets here.

Mother Earth’s Day

If you come to York or live here, you will probably notice litter everywhere. This is a problem.

This issue has two important factors. On one side, are the people who are responsible for leaving cans, bottles, all sorts of packages etc behind, regardless of whether they are residents or tourists. On the other side also responsible is the City Council, as the number of bins available is far below what is needed.

The problem is even more relevant because the city often gets flooded! When it is constantly raining, it is not difficult to see gutters on the side of the road obstructed by litter.

Follow this link to see the map of bins in the city of York and zoom in to see large areas without one, even in the centre and surrounding areas.

To address this issue, the two responsible sides (people and City Council), raise awareness about the problem of litter left in public spaces, instigate reflection and conversations about the protection of the environment and the responsibility of our individual actions in it, Terpsichoring has developed a cultural action to celebrate Mother Earth’s Day (22/04/22).

About the creative idea

Ana Silvério, founder and artistic director for Terpsichoring, collected pieces of litter from the river Ouse embankment and city centre and cleaned and sterilised them. She characterised herself as Mother Earth wearing a long dress bought in a charity shop and sewing artificial leafs and flowers to it. She also attached several spots of Velcro to the dress, and the other part of the Velcro spots were attached to the litter she collected.

Ana went to the city centre of York on 22/04 from 4:30 to 7 pm, carrying these litter items in a reusable bag and inviting people in the streets to attach them to the dress (on the Velcro spots). This was to instigate the reflection of how small individual actions together contribute to the bigger picture.

Another interactive moment and an element of hope was in collaboration with London-based visual artist and curator Kirsty Kerr. Her ‘Re-Construction Signs’ are tiny placards that signpost life and growth and drive attention to nature in unlikely places. Kirsty generously donated some placards to this action celebrating Mother Earth’s Day in York and children were involved in the action by placing the signs in suitable places.

The component to address the City Council and the insufficient number of bins in the city was the creation of an e-petition using the City of York Council’s petition system. As part of the action, QR codes leading to the e-petition were attached to the bag.

Please visit the e-petition here and have a read. If you agree, please sign it.  The petition will remain open until 15/06.

About the reaction of people

Words from Ana Silvério:

“I chose to do the action from 4:30 to 7 pm. During this period, people that come to the city centre for different purposes are passing, like shoppers, those passing to and from work, tourists and those coming for a night out. Any person in the city centre of York needs to be responsible for keeping it clean for the well-being of all, for the city itself and, of course, for the protection of the environment. Therefore, any passers-by, regardless of the reason bringing them to the centre, if they live in the city or are visiting it, was the right person to reach.

The reaction I received changed according to the time of the day. The time of the day also defined the group of people I was talking to. In the beginning, receptivity was welcoming, adults would happily hear and chat and surprisingly, invite all children in their group to come to listen to what I was about to say. Close to 6 pm, people were rushing, rarely in groups and many told me that they could not stop as they were rushing to work. By the end, most people I met were arriving for a night out. Some groups of teenagers stopped to listen to me. Their individual reactions were as different as possible. By the end, most adults refused to stop until I said that I was not going to ask for money.

I specially chose to move and dance exploring ballet technique because it seems more contrastive and, I believe, in people’s imagination less suitable to the image of a person covered in rubbish. Children were particularly attracted to my ballet moves.”

Upcoming performances:

We would like to invite you to see Me, Myself & Misha.

Me, Myself & Misha is a heartfelt, autobiographical work presented by Terpsichoring Dance Company, devised, and performed by award-winning dance artist Ana Silverio. This uplifting and unique production tells the experience of one mother, the challenges she faces and the joys that come with motherhood. The show explores the emotional journey one woman goes on to become a mother. Universal themes of pregnancy and labour are presented using a mix of physical theatre and dance, alongside an original and moving musical score.

We will be coming to 

Cast, in Doncaster on 27/04.

And York Theatre Royal on 06/05.

Granted a Business Growth voucher by the City of York Council!

We are happy, proud and grateful to have our application approved for the business growth voucher scheme offered by the City of York Council! Thank you so much! That comes on a good time and we are on the wonderful care of Beware of the Bull company, who will guide us to become a CIO – Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Performance in Brazil

Ana Silvério by Mara Meira

23/12/21 – We performed ‘Me, Myself and Misha’ in Brazil, at the Montes Claros’ Cultural Center.

Below there is a reportage about the event created by Momento Esportivo in association with local TV VinTV.

Special thanks to journalist Rubem Ribeiro, Montes Claros City Council’s Department of Culture and Pássaro de Minas dance school.

Choreography and Performance: Ana Silvério

Music: Ben Eyes

Local lighting Designer: Sandro Alves

Leeds Playhouse

After a sold-out performance at Leeds Playhouse on the 13th of November, we received a fabulous review by North West End UK, who rated us 4 stars!

“precise choreography and facial expressions trace the huge physical and mental changes this focused artist is undergoing.”

“powerful and perceptive meditation on and downs of pregnancy.”

North West End UK: ★★★★

See review here:


Terpsichoring is back at Leeds Playhouse! We will perform Me, Myself & Misha on the 13th of November at 2 pm. Please book your ticket at the link below:


We are delighted to announce we were selected for the Adventure: Accelerate programme! A 6 months business development programme led by Leeds Becket University. This is part of our efforts to grow and develop as a company in order to be able to reach more audience and help society with our art!


We are so happy to have shared the autobiographical solo-work Me, Myself & Misha by Ana Silvério at Leeds Playhouse in April 2021.

The online performance was attended by over 40 people in 6 countries!

Please see some moments below. All Pictures by Simon Ho.